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Channel switching
Hi Guys

Channel switching is the most common requirement in guitar amps as far as having any kind of "switching" system. It is truly quite simple, but can be made "too simple" sometimes impairing the ergonomics for the player.

As we know from "The Ultimate Tone" (TUT) series, ANYTHING can be put on a switch and once you've done that, all the switchable things can be synchronised and/or be made remotely accessible, all at the whim of the builder or player.

London Power offers a range of switching kits and has a PDF to make selection easier.

Switching can be done using relays, transistors (BJTs), jfets, mosfets and even tubes, depending on what needs to be switched. Sometimes the simplest circuit can turn out to be tricky to design or to get working reliably, but we will show step-by-step methods of design and get you to a satisfying finish.

Have fun

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