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Questions about Decoupling Values and Tone
I have couple questions related to decoupling; specifically as shown in the TUT projects.  So here goes:

1.  Affect on tone?    Generally in those projects a 10K/22 uf combination is used per gain stage. It makes sense from the perceptive that most of the projects use 22 uf 450V caps and it makes it easy on someone building the projects.   However this seems to be a lot more filtering than what is seen in lots of vintage amps (which may be good thing in many cases) .  Does this tend to make the amp sound stiffer?  Is it advisable to lower the value of the cap if we are trying maintain a feel similar to certain vintage designs like tweed Fenders?  

2. Resistor and Cap Values? TUT 1 mentioned that the R and C values for decoupling can be selected pretty liberally but that with lower cap values the value of the resistor needs to increase to provide good isolation.  Is there rule of thumb to determine these values for good isolation?  How low of a cap value is advisable?  I can see where using 10 uf or 4.7uf caps would save lots of space especially with plastic caps.

Thanks!!! Smile

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Questions about Decoupling Values and Tone - by makinrose - 10-26-2018, 12:44 PM

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