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Full Version: New PSU kits +/-12V
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Hi Guys

We have two new power supply kits to support low-voltage circuitry, such as for switching and opamps. The kits provide symmetric voltage outputs aka "split rails" of +/-12Vdc at two different power levels.

PM12-6 provides +/-12V at 175mA

PM12-12 provides +/-12V at 350mA.

PM12 has universal mains fusing, and uses Hammond semi-toroidal PTs, metal-film resistrs, and 10,000-hour caps.
Hi... If any of your rails fall outside of +/- 5%, it needs replacing, but that low would likely cause obvious issues.
What is your PSU make and model?

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Hi AlliPlatt

Your assertion regarding regulation is unfounded since you do not provide a context. Besides which, the regulation of the PM12s is far better than 5%.

The "make" is London Power and the models of PSU are listed as links above. Go look at the product pages.

Have fun