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New kid - SGillespie - 10-28-2019

Hey All,

I'm really looking forward to getting into building my own amps. I've been a guitarist (sometimes bassist) for 30+ years, played in numerous bands (none famous) on both sides of the Atlantic; first in Canada (home country) and now in Belgium (long story Big Grin )

Don't be surprised if I end up asking some real noob questions  Blush


RE: New kid - makinrose - 10-31-2019

Welcome to the forum!

RE: New kid - FormyxAmps - 11-27-2019

Hi and welcome!

RE: New kid - woodswalker - 11-30-2019

Welcome, S. Gillespie!

Bet there's a cool music scene in Belgium. Smile

RE: New kid - King TUT - 12-01-2019

Hello New Citizen!

We need all the fresh new minds we can get to have a percolating society!

Please do not burn your eyebrows off  - I believe the books that honour me show you how to remain quite unscathed during that process...  They say "clothes maketh the man" but really it is eyebrows. Cool