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Kits needed to build an LP-PRE? - galejt - 09-25-2021


Greetings. I have a question for you and/or the Community.

I would like to build a complete LP-PRE in a 1U or 2U rack unit.

As I see it I need the following kits:

And a chassis kit.

Am I missing anything to complete this?

Can you tell me whereabouts I can secure the pieces/parts to mount cards in vertical orientation in the Hammond chassis?

Many thanks,
Jim Gale
Roanoke,VA USA

RE: Kits needed to build an LP-PRE? - K O'Connor - 09-26-2021

Hi Jim

Always best to go with a larger chassis for more air for the components, and for more space for your hands to work in.

PSA is actually PSW, Panel Switch.

PU-PRE-24 is heavily filtered and BFX and LP-PRE follow Galactic Grounding principles, so QS-LV is not really needed unless it appeals to you for "ultimate quieting".

If you use the 2U chassis, then mounting of the boards is greatly simplified, using a nut or two as spacers on each bolt.

Have fun

RE: Kits needed to build an LP-PRE? - galejt - 10-03-2021


Thank you. PSA just slips off the fingers too much these days what with abbreviations all the rage...

2U works for me. I tried a preliminary layout, PSU off to the side and back, LP along the front panel. It looks like I could get away with an 8" chassis depth given the size of the PCBs.

I could see a use for the remaining space to infill a power section later, but a separate power amp has been the plan all along.

I'm gearing up now to point to point wire a Soma84 from TUT5 in an Epiphone Valve Jr. shell. I expect it to be quite a sleeper. Tongue