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Questions about Super Scaler Project in TUT5
I've been fascinated with the Super Scaling project in TUT 5 but have few questions:

A.  As the chapter on Super Scaling indicates would I get about a 6 fold increase in power? So andamp that was 10W would be 60W through it, right?  

B. Power possible would be limited by the output power of the Super Scaler's OT?  So how much power is possible? 

C. Does the power tube type color the sound a lot? 

Ho Guys

All three questions are answered in the chapter cited.

Six-times power gain is linear over whatever power input to power output capability exists using receiving type power tubes in the Super Scaler circuit. So, 10mW in gets 60mW out; 100mW in gets 600mW out; 1W in produces 6W out; 10W in gets 60W out, 100W in gets you 600W out - the latter with enough tubes in the Super Scaler and a PT and OT to match.

As The 400 chapter in TUT6 shows, the maximum power available from most power tubes we are familiar with is quite a bit higher than the ratings of the amps these tubes are used in. A pair of 6550s or KT-88s can put out 150W. A pair of 6L6GCs can produce almost 100W - 85W reliably. A pair of EL-34s can produce 100W. In the Super Scaler circuit we can push the tubes to these limits quite safely.

The circuit is extremely linear and adds no character to the sound. Changing power tubes does not change the tone perceptibly. The main alteration of the sound will come from the IT and OT. If these are under-rated for the intended power input and power output respectively, they will bandwidth limit the sound and change it accordingly.

Have fun
Thanks Kevin! That cleared it up for me.

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