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Hello TUT members,

I'm Sam from Australia. Designer of gravity processing plants for the sand mining industry by day, guitar amp entusiast by night.
I stumbled across the TUT books years ago whilst trying to find out how to mod my Marshall TSL60 online.
After reading some reviews, and having a favourable exchange rate AUD/CAD at the time, i ordered the full set of books.

After getting into TUT i got stuck into the TSL. Swapping the power tubes for 6L6's and taking the speakers out of the open back combo cabnet and making some detuned cabs for them. This was a marked improvement over the original tone, but rather than trying to mess around with the amp any further, i decided i had to build one from scratch. There were plenty of options from TUT3 & 5. I probably should have started with a Champ, or something from TOT, but went straight for the Doppelsonde.
It was a huge learning curve, but the amp turned out just fine. Since then it's had an SB PS kit, SUS kit, and RBX added. The front end now has a dual channel 'Plexi' with a BFX loop.
Awesome amp.

After a few more projects, and lots of tweaking, i got sidetracked with other things in life and haven't built anything new for a long time. Just enjoying the gear i had already made.
2020 saw me stuck at home for a while with time on my hands. Thought i'd start working on a new amp build. And now i discover there's a TUT forum.

Hope to have fun shooting the breeze with you guys, and learning something new, or remebering stuff i forgot.

Hi Sam
Welcome to the forum
Welcome to the forum!

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Come in where it's warm!
A warm welcome to tube amp modding fans and those interested in hi-fi audio! Readers of Kevin O'Connor's The Ultimate Tone (TUT) book series form a part of our population. Kevin O'Connor is the creator of the popular Power Scaling methodology for amplifiers.
Please remember these three principles: respect, sharing, community.
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