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Hello Everyone
Hello fellow Forum Members,
    My name is Rob.  I love designing and building valve amplifiers as I assume that most everyone here does.
I have a small company that caters to a small group of musicians in NY, NJ, PA, and MD.  I have a degree in electrical 
engineering but my valve knowledge and experience does not come from my education but from investigating and using valve circuits since approximately 1970 as a HAM Radio operator and of course reading TUT (I own all of them) and for the past 18 months correspondence with KOC. 
     I worked in aerospace industry in the United States for 3 different DOD 
contractors, mainly embedded work for the last 20 years of my career, writing millions of lines of code, mainly in C and 
C++.  Before the embedded stuff, I was involved mainly in the early development of hybrids. Before I obtained my degree
I was an electronics tech so I have a fair amount of diagnosis and repair experience.  
   With all that said; this is a deep subject, which is not just tech but also has an element of an art form.  I look forward to
learning from everyone here and hopefully, I can contribute to other members knowledge and help out with projects, theory, 
construction etc.  One last thing, I was also a machinist for about 15 years, mainly building engines, but also jobber stuff.
One might say, how can you have done all this, well the simple answer is, I am in my 7th decade on this planet (and maybe
more on another).  Humor, is also a very important part of life, never take it to serious, as you won't enjoy it.

    One thing I noticed reading the forum before I joined was the civility practiced here.  I have left others because of the lack of
this aspect, so I thank everyone before hand for being considerate of other members, realizing we all have more in common that not.
Take care and peace,
Hi Rob

Remember the cartoon Duckman? He was a miserable kinda duck detective always making wise cracks. Jason Alexander did the voice and Dweezil Zappa did his son, who always called him "Dod" cuz he had this outrageous california accent.

I know i know DOD is department of defense. Alice Cooper had the department of youth which probably had more pretty girls in it Smile

I know totally nothing compared to you and KOC, so hope to learn stuff. Thanks

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