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Spectrum Analyzers
Can anyone recommend a reasonably priced audio frequency spectrum analyzer which accepts electrical line level inputs?
Hi Guys

The least expensive real-time analyser (RTA) option is computer-based, relying on the use of a good sound card or interface. This has the usual issues of being limited by the sound card's input jack options - usually eighth-inch mini jacks - and the lack of calibration for the input level.

Stand-alone RTAs or spectrum analysers are typically designed for RF work. OWON has a range that has a frequency range from 9kHz ointo many GHz, starting around C$1,800. Even the hand-held version start at 9kHz. There may be hand-held RTAs from Fluke or elsewhere but I doubt you will find them "reasonably priced".

You could easily DIY such a unit as the circuitry is mostly just repeptitive. As a dedicated audio unit AND for specific frequencies, fixed filters and bargraph displays would work "okay" for limited measurement. Cost increases greatly if you want to be able analyse any frequency, and then further if you want good accuracy and then further if you want good resolution and depth of amplitude (mining through noise).

best option is to find a used unit.

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