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Hey everyone, long been a fan of the forward thinking of LP & Mr O’Conner
Ive gotta be honest.. The lack of posts, as well as no visual signs of regular user traffic/dialogue concerns me. At first glance I thought it was maybe that this forum is new. But then noticed unanswered treads dated back to 2017 so  Undecided

**I truly hope I’m wrong about this. As I I briefly mentioned in my title I’m a huge fan of everything Kevin O’Conner and LP have been doing for many years!! I would’ve gotten involved here as well as utilizing the available circuit PCB’s sooner’. But unfortunately it’s taken a bit for my personal experience and level of knowledge to catch up with my enthusiasm! Anyway, I actually have a couple projects that I’m working on currently and it would be so huge to be able to reach out to the members here for potential help/advice!! 


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Hey everyone, long been a fan of the forward thinking of LP & Mr O’Conner - by TopBoostChimer - 10-03-2021, 05:38 AM

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