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Hey everyone, long been a fan of the forward thinking of LP & Mr O’Conner
Ive gotta be honest.. The lack of posts, as well as no visual signs of regular user traffic/dialogue concerns me. At first glance I thought it was maybe that this forum is new. But then noticed unanswered treads dated back to 2017 so  Undecided

**I truly hope I’m wrong about this. As I I briefly mentioned in my title I’m a huge fan of everything Kevin O’Conner and LP have been doing for many years!! I would’ve gotten involved here as well as utilizing the available circuit PCB’s sooner’. But unfortunately it’s taken a bit for my personal experience and level of knowledge to catch up with my enthusiasm! Anyway, I actually have a couple projects that I’m working on currently and it would be so huge to be able to reach out to the members here for potential help/advice!! 

Cheers Justin

I believe the unanswered threads you refer to are mostly informational and some have limited appeal for most hobbyists. I suspect the ones about printed circuit board design fall into the latter category?

My experience has been that Mr. O'Connor is quick to answer emails sent directly to him. If you need more info, a phone call may quickly overload you with answers to your questions plus a plethora of ideas you might consider for your project. I've found him to be very generous in that regard and try not to be a pest. He says he'll tell me if I'm a pest but I think that day will never come as he seems patient as a saint. Oh, look at me gushing like a school girl.

Welcome to the forum. It can only get better as more people join.


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