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LP Quiet supplies and Bias supply
I'm looking for a way to filter high voltage and adding bias supply in my amp project.

It seems that the London Power modules QS-HV and QS-LVĀ do the trick but they are only described for "voltage up to" but don't really offer much information. Does that mean that these modules provide filtering and noise reduction only based on the input voltage or is it possible to control the voltage drop?

The RBX bias supply states what it does, provide bias voltage. It does not say how high the voltage output is. It refers to TUT 2 but I only have TUT1, 3 & 4.

Can anyone clarify this for me?

I can't give at much detail as KOC but the QS is not meant to control the voltage only provide clean power. The "voltage up to" is the voltage withstand of the kit. I've used the QS-LV.

I'm don't know on the RBX but I'd imagine it's pretty high since it's mean for PS and London Power's approach to biasing is always robust....I'd be interested to know the exact amount of voltage too.

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