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Hello, from Bilbao, Spain
Hello to everybody !

I just found this forum, in reality I was looking to get the ultimate tone, the book. I will get it but I see the shipping expenses to Spain are as much as the book itself.

Ii have a small repair work shop near Bilbao and I mainly repair audio devices, and most of all valve amps. So this forum seem so interesting to me, I'm sure I'll find a lot of information here and maybe give some help to someone, even if I am not an expert.

I'd like to thank to the creators of this forum, I know it's sometimes a hard work to maintain a web. Enhorabuena !

Bienvenido Gaetan! I would love to have TUT series in digital book format but I'm guessing that's a lot of work and $$ to do. Luckily I live in Canada and shipping no hay problema.

Creo que hay una tienda en Barça, y tienen The Ultimate Tone.
Compré unos libros online y ellos los enviaron al hotel.

No estoy seguro si todavia existir Smile
Hace quatro años.

Ya no veo una liste de "disributors" en el siteo web de

Mucha suerte!


- - -

Sorry, I just had to do some Spanish!


I think there is a shop in Barcelona and they have TUT.
I bought soms books online and they sent them to the hotel.

I'm not sure if they still exist
It has been 4 years.

I don't see a list of "distributors" anymore on the LondonPower website.

Best of luck!


I found the site with "other retailers" for the books.
But Spain is no longer in the game.

The site is here:


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