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New Soma84 Project
Kevin, et, al.

Greetings. Just started a Soma84 from TUT5. Thought I would document it here.

So far, everything but the resistors is out for delivery from Antique Electronics, the same people who graciously supply Kevin's books here in the States. Bill to date ~$300... For the good stuff. Transformers have sure got expensive. Headed to Mouser to get the special value resistors.

I going to attempt to stuff it into an old Epiphone Valve Jr. chassis. 

Cya soon.
Hi Galejt

Fortunately, Soma-84 is a low-gain amp and should not have any stability problems being built into a sm,aller chassis than shown in TUT5.

Of course, your recent post in another thread says you completed this project successfully. Congrats Smile

Have fun
Will have under my belt...the SOMA parts are onboard. I opted out of using old parts and ordered new. Life (and a loss) got in the way of  me achieving a timely completion. Things are better now. I am looking forward to some "me" time.

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