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Heater Wiring AWG2x?
Good Day, I´m new to the forum and this is my first post. So cheers from over the big pond. Smile

A bit of contextual information:

I have to wire heaters in a 18W-TMB type cirquit (3xECC83, EZ81, 2xEL84) and for the preamp-tubes a switch will be employed to change pins 4/5/9 to accomodate equivalent valves with a different pinout.

Since two wires have to go on/in some lugs of each switch I was wondering if I can use AWG24 wire to make it less cramped and still be safe in terms of current rating or other issues. The specific wire I have readily at hand and plan to use in this instance is

WEICO 3024-TC AWG24 top-coated hookup-wire (UL1007, UL1569, CSA TR-64, 300V, -40 to 105°C).

Any thoughts and comments? And feel free to write what you think about wire rating and general properties for wiring tube amps.


Hello Florian

In TUT3 Table 3-1, #24 wire is listed as having 1.4A current capacity. The book shows how to wire things properly and what you have to consider for each part of the circuit. Probably the best in the TUT-series, especially for anyone actually building things and trying not to inhale too much solder smoke.

Hallo Florian,

Herzlich willkommen!
Sehr gute Frage auch!

Sherlock: about inhaling smoke, I can't resist this, sorry. From what video's does the following phrase come: "XXXX smoke. Don't breathe this!"
The speaker is named Tom Dickson.

Thanks for your excellent answer, I alwasy use Belden wire. Should I ever need to order new wite, I will know where to find the charts now.


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