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LPSP settings
I'd like to know how others set their LPSP.  Any comments on the application would great. 

My most used amp is the LPSP driving the PA in ToT (similar to a fixed bias 5E3 PA with MV) with 6V6s.  I play an SG with P-90s with vol between 9 and 6, mostly on the neck.  This amp is played with a band so is set bright to get through.  I use a pedal for vol boost on leads so the two channels are used for 2 rhythm tones.  So vol is roughly the same for both channels.

             V    H      M    L     D
Clean    5     8     1.5  5.5
Lead    3.5   8.5   4   4.5  8.5

26 years ago today I purchased TUT at Antique Elec Supply in Tempe.  Thank you Kevin, for publishing these, sharing the info and answering SO many questions. 26 years of fun.

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