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Hello from the Silicon Valley
My thanks to Kevin for entry. In the past, I've not had much luck on these internet forums.
All I wanted to do was build amplifiers. I don't do guitar amplifiers any more, mostly because I do not play the guitar.
I am now doing small scale stereo amplifiers for my laptop computer audio.
I am also working on a next generation power supply filter, just in case I would ever want a simple way to power the filaments on a 300b.
I attach a link for more detail.

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Come in where it's warm!
A warm welcome to tube amp modding fans and those interested in hi-fi audio! Readers of Kevin O'Connor's The Ultimate Tone (TUT) book series form a part of our population. Kevin O'Connor is the creator of the popular Power Scaling methodology for amplifiers.
Please remember these three principles: respect, sharing, community.
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