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TUT5 Standard Reverb
What are the reverb tank specs for the Standard amp?  What transformer is used?  Fig 9.3 references a 316 driver transformer.
Hi Guys

The TX316 Reverb Driver Transformer is a custom London Power part we had made by Hammond. It is only available through London Power.

The reverb tank is also custom from Accutronics, but you can substitute a standard low-z-input Fender-style tank.
Thank you. I ordered one
Input and output floating or grounded options are available. What do you recommend for the Standard circuit?
Hi Guys

Both ends of the tank should have a ground reference, which they do in the TUT5 The Standard project.
Can I buy just your tank?
Hi sinusoids

Antique Electronic Supply has the Fender tank for $25us. It is the industry standard for mechanical reverb tone.

My tank is just the internal portion for mounting inside a chassis and what I have in stock is accounted for already. Although our REV Reverb Kit and The Standard project in TUT5 use a fairly standard recovery circuit, our amps use something different, and you already know we use a different driver circuit.

Have fun.

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