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Speaker Repair Pros testimonial
I'm not a vendor, but I just had a good experience with one and this seemed like the best place to share it. If there is a different board this belongs in, let me know.

Anyhow, dropped by Speaker Repair Pros in Garden Grove, California today. Great experience. I was there to purchase a terminal strip like you normally see riveted to the speaker baskets of Celestion, Eminence, etc., since I had just busted one and wanted to fix it up to sell. While there I asked if they'd remove the rivet holding the old board onto the speaker basket for me, and they did. They went a step further while they had it, installing the new board on the speaker for me, all for just the cost of the part, which was 3 USD. I also showed them an EVM12S I recently acquired which had a tiny crack in the back of the cone. On the spot they repaired it with a dab of doping/sealant/whatever it's called to support the cone, seal the crack, keep it from spreading, and prevent any buzzing. No charge. Very happy with the service. I tipped them the spare 2 USD I had in my pocket, and tried to tip more via card but they wouldn't let me. So in all I payed 5 USD. Did I say I was happy with the service? Hope they stay in business. Based on my interactions with them today, I can definitely recommend them.

They can do more than just repairs, too. The guy was explaining that in some cases you have a cheaper speaker that shares a frame with a more expensive one, I think the JBL D130 vs JBL D140 was the example he mentioned, where you can save money by getting the cheaper one then having him swap out the parts that differ between the two models. He did say something about being able to make EVM 12L's into a SRO/12L hybrid as well I think, but I could be misremembering. A point of interest for forum members here is that if I understand him correctly, the EV Force 12 is the same frame and cone as the EVM 12S, it just has a smaller magnet. I did not ask, but I wonder if it's possible for him to convert a EVM12S into a Force 12 with a magnet swap, which might be easier than finding Force 12's on the market. I'm pretty happy with my 12S's though so I doubt I'd do that myself without hearing an existing Force 12 and having a religious experience with it.

Also, if you're gonna ship 'em EVM SRO's, make sure you know how to pack them, probably best to ask them for advice just to be safe. He said that a number of SRO's have been damaged beyond repair (frame was busted such that he can't fix it) because of how heavy they are and the owner not packing it well enough when shipping it over.

Hope any of you who deal with them in the future have a great experience too. Website:

-A satisfied customer.

P.S. Thanks to KOC for bringing EV speakers to my attention. Really digging the EVM12S pair I got now, and I intend to sell off my Celestions/Celestion-related speakers and buy some more EV's. Somehow they're smoother than a V30 while still having more high-end detail and clarity, with a midrange so sweet I can almost taste it. Very nice. The mids remind me of what I like about my favorite flamenco nylon strings from La Bella, interestingly enough.
Hi Guys

The main difference between the EV Force drivers and the EVMs is the cone and surround,where the magnet is simply sized for the power rating and intended efficiency.

Have fun
(07-19-2023, 01:17 PM)K O'Connor Wrote: Hi Guys

The main difference between the EV Force drivers and the EVMs is the cone and surround,where  the magnet is simply sized for the power rating and intended efficiency.

Have fun

Good to know, thanks Kevin!

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