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My name is Larry, I am a 66 year old retired printer who has been playing, repairing, modifying electronic circuits related to electric guitar/bass amps and effects since 1982. I am self taught and NOT an expert by any means. Now being retired, I am trying to both increase my education and also to come up with some personalized tone gear at the same time. I believe that this will be a fine hobby as well and will greatly appreciate any help and advice that I may receive here. Thanks, Larry. Smile
Hi Larry
That's a helluva bio! Tony iommi cut off 2 finger tips and invented heavy metal. didn't hold him back Smile
Hi nauta. Nice to hear from you. Oh, I haven't given up. However, I doubt 'Ol Toni plays much finger style if he ain't got any fingers as you say. If you saw what the cross perforation unit left me you would understand. I won't ditz anyones musical preference but heavy metal isn't my thing so I haven't tried to play that genre. My brother plays it exclusively and some say he's good. To me, it sounds like HE is the one with a disability( just joking ). I'm just happy to be upright at my age and this is my first forum, so it's hopefully going to be a nice experience getting feedback and learning from others as you just taught me about Toni Iommi's fingers. One has to wonder what impact it had on his creating this type of music. A for me, my playing suffers a little these days as I continue to study electronics and work on the "stuff" I have played with for50 years. I hope  you have had a fine Thanksgiving and hope to hear from you again nauta. Smile
(11-23-2023, 10:43 PM)LB1 Wrote: One has to wonder what impact it had on his creating this type of music.

The associated guitar folklore is that he down-tuned his guitars to make things easier on his finger tips, so there is at least that. Good luck, and happy tinkering!

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