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Gone (FS/T): 100W Carvin British Series Speakers
Pulled from a vintage Road cab. 100W, 8 ohms each. I used to really like these, but I got bitten by the EVM bug, and now I really don't. So it goes. Not entirely sure about the year these were made, but the guy who sold me the cab claimed he got it new with the speakers in the 70's, and since these speakers weren't made until the 80's, presumably he misspoke and meant late 80's. The Carvin museum says these started to be produced in '89, continuing into the 90's. They definitely show their age, with discolored dust-caps and some liquid stains, though they still work great as far as I can tell and the cones appear to be in fair condition with only a few non-aesthetic blemishes. Two of the drivers have minor damage to the surrounds: one a small dent and a crease the flexes when the cone moves in/out, and the other a small crease. Aesthetic blemishes include stains and discoloration, rough/fuzzy spots on the cone or surround, small pinprick dents, and stickers that have started peeling (representative pictures included). All speakers are functional and gig-ready, and were in use as part of our guitar back-line before being listed.

$50, or trade for 'em.Trade items I'm most interested in (but not exclusively) are tube amp parts/projects. E.g., old PA's you never got around to doing something with, that salvaged chassis that's just been taking up space, that busted amp you can't sell and don't want to fix, misc. parts/components, plywood, etc. Stuff I can use to build my own Ultimate Tone. For individual speakers, will sell/trade at $25 each. Local-pickup only. I'm located in Los Angeles Country, California.

I have this posted on Reverb, but will take down the listing there if someone here indicates interest.

Here's a pile of representative pictures (before I dusted the speakers):

[Image: ugwgllhzpssolwauyo10.jpg]

[Image: h9nmb7ufwech0si7jj67.jpg]

[Image: cn50yr9oclvwjpn7iflc.jpg]

[Image: unhz2nbuxgpv9ufcgllv.jpg]

[Image: bfhwoqpyqvr9doylr5bs.jpg]

[Image: kk3frhgnwgcikwbw5gkq.jpg]

Showing the crease that flexes:

[Image: t89zgouga2j6onjsnh32.jpg]

I think this is showing a tiny pinprick on one of the ribs:

[Image: ctpf9zi4afem7iucny1d.jpg]

Another, less subtle pinprick

[Image: jn0rzcpm1ucherz3dbvw.jpg]

Crease on the surround:

[Image: cwomoqrblil4xiuzisda.jpg]

More pictures in the next post.
[Image: nnhututhrostvbuda8pd.jpg]

Dent in surround near the screw-well in the gasket:
[Image: izsp1t15oj0vxdglh33y.jpg]

Peeling stickers:

[Image: qtyrodhpmoy2fc3xpehh.jpg]

Alright, that's all.

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