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London Power Quiet Power Supply for Low-Voltage Tube Amps
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This power supply addition (London Power's QS-LV) reduces supply-borne hum/noise substantially - typically 60dB from 50Hz to 120Hz.

Supply noise can be a problem in single-ended amps, but QS-LV will make an SE amp as quiet as a well-balanced push-pull amp.

Push-pull amps also benefit from the hum reduction. Switching to triode mode in most amps causes an increase in hum, but with this power supply installed the supply will be QUIET, as will both triode and pentode operating modes.

Supply voltages up to 450Vdc, and amplifier power up to 120Wrms, are accommodated.

More info here: London Power's Quiet Supply for Low-Voltage Tube Amps

[Image: qs-lv-kit.jpg]

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