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London Power's "PA"-series Tube Power Amplifier Kits
Have you tried one of these? Post your questions or comments!

These octal, push-pull power amp kits use London Power's full-audio-bandwidth OT-10, OT-25 or OT-50 toroidal output transformers. Performance is so good they can be used for hi-fi. The power amp can be used with any of the common octal-based output tubes that use the standard pin-out. Tubes can be mixed as well!

Switching between fixed-bias and cathode-bias can be "global" (both tubes) or independent.

Lots more info at:
10W Power Amp Kit (PA66-10)
25W Power Amp Kit (PA66-25)
50W Power Amp (PA66-50)

[Image: pa66-10-kit_800.jpg]

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A warm welcome to tube amp modding fans and those interested in hi-fi audio! Readers of Kevin O'Connor's The Ultimate Tone (TUT) book series form a part of our population. Kevin O'Connor is the creator of the popular Power Scaling methodology for amplifiers.
Please remember these three principles: respect, sharing, community.
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